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Our Story

We are Cathy and Annie Cormier, two sisters with a passion for family, and the traditions we share through food. Growing up, rice pudding was a staple in our home, but it was not the rice pudding you’ll find us eating today.

Seven years ago we were introduced to the Sadek family, who brought their amazing traditions into our family, introducing us to the authentic Egyptian rice pudding recipe that we make today. This recipe took us over a month to master, but as soon as we got it right, we began to dream of what else we could do with it. We took that traditional recipe and flipped it on its head, inventing flavour combinations and toppings that will make you swoon.

Today, Rice Rice Baby is a family enterprise, with everyone from both sides of the family bringing their special talents and ideas to a business we all love and believe in. We cater to lovers of dessert and all things sweet, using only the ingredients you would find in Mom's kitchen: sugar and spice and everything rice. This is not your grandmother’s rice pudding, this is something new, from our family to yours!